Which belt can be used during pregnancy and postpartum?

In the market, there is a wide variety of shaping and abdomen control garments that can be used in different occasions, including during pregnancy and postpartum. But, which belt can be used during pregnancy and postpartum?

Motherhood is a beautiful stage that brings many blessings and joys. During this time, there are also some challenges, such as the growing belly that can bring discomforts like back pain, abdominal weakness, and pressure on internal organs. Additionally, in the postpartum stage, the body needs to recover and go through changes that can lead to a decrease in abdominal strength.

For both the pregnancy and postpartum stages, many women turn to waist belts as a way to provide support to their changing bodies. In this article, we will explain the importance of using an appropriate waist belt according to individual needs.

Benefits of wearing a waist belt during pregnancy and postpartum

The use of a Colombian faja can provide many benefits for comfort during pregnancy and recovery in the postpartum period. Both stages are quite different, and it is important to identify what one is seeking from this shaping garment before making a choice.

Benefits during pregnancy:

  • Girdles can provide compression to the abdomen, reducing pressure on internal organs.
  • They help support the lumbar region and lower back, which can help prevent pain due to weight gain.
  • Abdominal girdles help maintain better posture and reduce fatigue during long periods of activity.

Benefits during the postpartum period:

  • Wearing a postpartum shapewear can assist in your physical and emotional recovery after childbirth.
  • It helps promote circulation in the abdominal area, which facilitates the healing of any tear or muscle separation that may have occurred during childbirth.
  • Girdles also help support the lower back and lumbar region, reducing pressure on the spine.

Is there any risk in wearing a fajas during pregnancy and postpartum?

When wearing a girdle, it's important to be cautious and follow the provided instructions. If the girdle is not properly adjusted or used incorrectly, there may be a risk of developing skin irritations due to excessive compression. It is also recommended to remove the girdle when sleeping or resting.

In conclusion, wearing a girdle can provide many benefits to both pregnant women and postpartum individuals. To ensure your safety and comfort, it is important to choose the appropriate type of girdle for your individual needs and follow instructions on how to use it correctly.

Styles of girdles to wear during pregnancy

During pregnancy, there is a variety of girdles that can be used to provide support and greater relief to the expectant mother who is carrying a significant amount of additional weight. Here are some models you can find in the market:

Maternity girdle

The traditional maternity girdle comes with straps and can be either mid-thigh or full-length, providing low to medium compression. Its purpose is to provide back support to the pregnant woman and slightly shape the figure for a special occasion.

Maternity leggings

This outerwear garment is a favorite of many as it is comfortable and provides a lightweight feeling while also shaping the body. Maternity leggings can be used to provide support in the abdomen while shaping the buttocks and thighs, with low compression.

Maternity waist belt

The maternity waist belt, as the name suggests, is a band or belt that goes around the waist and provides support and relief to the pregnant woman. They are generally adjustable in size to accommodate the growing belly during the gestation process.

Styles of girdles to wear postpartum

After going through pregnancy, many women seek ways to regain their figure and feel comfortable as soon as possible. Changes in the body are perfectly normal, and finding the right girdle can help them feel more comfortable and confident in the process. Some styles of girdles that work well for women in their postpartum stage are as follows:

Short girdle with covered back

This type of medium compression girdle is ideal for use during the recovery stage, even after a surgical procedure such as a C-section. It shapes the buttocks, abdomen, and back.

An excellent option is the Shape Concept girdle with a side closure and perineal support. It allows you to easily put it on and take it off, and you can use the restroom without any problems. Its wide straps provide more comfort than others. See more details here.

Girdle with 3 rows of hooks

This style of postpartum girdle helps control the abdomen and waist thanks to its 3 rows of hooks that allow you to adjust the level of compression as needed. Additionally, it also shapes the buttocks and hips.

The Colombian girdle with 3 rows of hooks, buttocks lifting, and adjustable straps from Shape Concept is an excellent option for the postpartum stage. See more details here.

For pregnant women or new mothers seeking a shapewear during pregnancy and postpartum, Shape Concept offers a wide selection for them to find the best option. According to their individual needs, there is a variety of support girdles with different levels of support and styles.

Whatever style and type of waist belt you choose, find the one you need at Shape Concept to alleviate pregnancy and postpartum symptoms.

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